This Deep Water Culture DWC Grow Kit is a hydroponic system for growing up to 6 plants from seedling to harvest. Also known as Bubbleponics (Hydroponics with Bubbles!), growing with DWC is one of the simplest and easiest ways to grow. No more messy potting mix, just clay pebbles, air and water. Simply plug your air pump in, and the oxygenated and nutrient rich water provides the perfect growing conditions for your plants.

Advantages of the DWC Grow Kit

  • Very affordable price
  • Made of sturdy and Australian-made plastic
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Fast assembly
  • Comes with nutrients - "Powder Feeding Grow" sachets

This kit has a tank capacity of 32L, however around 20L is used for water and nutrient solution. It comes with net pots, clay pebbles, a decent sized air pump and long air stones. The air stones stretch along the bottom of the tub and to all of the plants are receiving oxygen. The hard work of drilling the holes correctly in the lid has already been done for you!

DWC Grow Kit Maintenance

To start the DWC system, all that is required is water and hydroponic nutrients – full instructions are included with the kit. Maintenance of the system consists of:

  • checking the under the lid to ensure the water is topped up
  • changing the water every 2 weeks and adding new nutrient
  • checking pH until you are familiar with it

What else will I need?

Aqua Gardening includes Powder Feeding Grow Nutrient with this kit - so there's nothing else you'll need to get started except a power point within a few metres of the unit. Use half a sachet with each fill of water, and there are 4 sachets included. 

What is Deep Water Culture?

DWC is quickly becoming one of the most popular hydroponics methods for growers everywhere. DWC operates without a separate reservoir, the plants roots actually live inside the water within the reservoir. The dissolved oxygen level is maintained at close to 100% through constant aeration, so the roots have a constant supply of air as well as water and nutrients. It is simple to set up and promotes healthy plants that require little maintenance.


SKU 127962
Barcode # AG6POTDWC
Brand Kit
Shipping Weight 16.8100kg
Shipping Width 0.230m
Shipping Height 0.430m
Shipping Length 0.680m
Shipping Cubic 0.067252000m3
Type Kits

Product includes:

  • 1 x Aqua One Air Pump [SR 7500]
  • 1 x Barbed Tap InLine Water Valve [13mm]
  • 1 x Black Poly Crate Tub 32L [1 Tub]
  • 1 x Black Poly Crate Lid For 32 or 52L [1 Lid]
  • 6 x All Rounder Hydroponic Net Pots 80 x 75mm [1 Pot]
  • 1 x Top Hat Rubber Grommet [13mm]
  • 2 x Marina Long Tubular Air Stone 12 inch [30.5cm]
  • 2 x Black 4mm Flexible Water Tubing [1m]
  • 1 x Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles [1L]
  • 4 x Powder Feeding Grow Nutrient by Green House Seed Company [10g]

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