ECOCROP products are scientifically designed to minimise the amount of chemicals, thereby reducing the harmful effects on your plants and the surrounding environment. They are rich in organics which promote healthy growth in both hydroponics and soil conditions, and stimulate beneficial microbial activities in soil.  The high concentration of organics and right composition of nutrients will allow your plants to flourish and produce healthy crop - ECO CROP.  All our products are manufactured in Australia with local and imported ingredients from trusted suppliers. Pick ECOCROP products and you will notice the difference!


Nutrients for Hydroponics - Liquid Soil
Liquid Soil series are designed for those who want to grow tasty crops in hydroponics. It's composition resembles that of the best soil, thus providing plants with the maximal spectrum of nutrients in the most balanced proportion. Liquid Soil is based on such organic components as plant and animal composts, humic acids and aminoacids for the best uptake of the carefully selected minerals. The dilution rate of the concentrate is in the top of its kind and there is no need for pH adjustments. The products we offer have been proven in multiple trials and in different growth systems and conditions.


Liquid Fertilisers for Soil - Miraqua
Miraqua is designed to boost growth and improve the colour of plants. It provides a quick way to increase a plant's nutrient content while enriching the soil with organic matter. Miraqua provides the full range of necessary nutrients for plants to help them thrive. Give your plants a drink of healthy nutrients!


Granular Fertilisers for Soil - Ecosoil
We also provide you with  granular fertilisers which are Smart and Eco-friendly. The active ingredient consists of natural minerals containing everything that plants need. The granules deposit the plant food when it is required and take it back when their excess occurs in soil. Ecosoil also serves as soil conditioner having cation exchange capacity and promoting biodiversity of beneficial microorganisms in soil due to it's richness in organic matter.

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