All ponds gradually accumulate a layer of sludge on the bottom. The sludge is usually composed of decaying leaves, dead algae and plants, fish wastes and uneaten fish food. A sludge build up is not only unsightly but it also clogs filters and pumps, reduces oxygen levels and produces toxic gases as it decomposes. CLEARPOND PONDZYME contains beneficial bacterias that feast on the organic waste and nutrients found in sludge producing harmless carbon dioxide and water as waste products aiding in the cleanliness of the pond.

  • CLEARPOND PONDZYME information:
  • A special enzyme based formula that removes harmful sludge from the bottom of ponds.
  • Also consumes dead algae after treating ponds with algae control products
  • Reduces sludge, algae, debris and therefore pond maintainence.
  • Restores biological activity and helps to maintain a natural and healthy balance in pond water.
  • suitable for aquaponic systems.


SKU AG1438
Brand Clearpond
Type Pond Treatments

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