Eco-Flo Dolomite is a new generation of liquid dolomite that's super concentrated and super effective. Enriched with seaweed, Eco-Flo Dolomite is perfect for correcting acidic soils and boosting calcium and magnesium levels in your soil.

Eco-Flo Dolomite features:

  • Extremely concentrated (2L hose-on equal to 80kg of powdered dolomite)
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • Corrects acid soils caused by existing soil chemistry and artificial fertilisers
  • Adds calcium and magnesium to the soil for healthy plant growth and fruit production
  • Ratio of calcium to magnesium better reflects plant needs compared to powdered dolomite
  • Better uptake due to the presence of seaweed extract
  • Especially useful for magnesium loving plants eg roses, tomatoes, capsicums & potatoes
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)

How does Liquid Dolomite work?

Eco-flo dolomite contains superfine particles (10 micron in size) which are more readily available than traditional powdered dolomite (1,000 microns). eco-flo dolomite displaces acidifying hydrogen ions from soil particles and replaces them with calcium and magnesium ions resulting in a more alkaline soil. Calcium is absorbed behind new root tips so the added seaweed extract (which encourages root development) increases calcium uptake. It also reduces plant stress and improves soil structure.

How and When to Use in Aquaponic Systems?

Eco Organic Eco-Flo Dolomite contains calcium and magnesium to provide mineral for fish, plants and bacteria in aquaponic systems, at a rate of 10mL per 100L. This product will raise the pH level in your system, so ensure to test your systems pH levels after the use of this product and use a pH Down solution where necessary.

  • Eco Organic Eco-Flo Dolomite helps to stabilise the pH level in rainwater filled and topped up systems by delivering calcium and magnesium to the system.
  • Use a calcium test kit and GH and KH test kit to ensure you are including enough Liquid Dolomite in your system.
  • An organic nutrient supplement that is safe for fish and can be used in Aquaponic systems, if being used at the correct levels.
  • Will assist in buffering the water when you use rain water.
  • Will help to prevent and fix calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

To learn more, please check out our guide on Aquaponics Water Testing.

To Correct Acidic Soils

Clay Soils - 100mL per 9L Watering Can, per 10m²

Sandy & Loam Soils - 75mL per 9L Watering Can, per 10m²


For General Maintenance and to Boost Calcium and Magnesium Levels in Your Soil

Clay Soils - 50mL per 9L Watering Can, per 10m²

Sandy & Loam Soils - 25mL per 9L Watering Can, per 10m²


Repeat Applications

Acidic Soils - Use as required

Lawns and General Garden Beds - Apply twice a year for maximum plant health

Fruit and Vegetable Plants - Apply at the beginning of each growing season for superior fruit and vegetable quality


Avoid applying this product around acid loving plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Gardenias.




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