What happens if my package does not arrive?

Aqua Gardening ships all orders with a tracking number. All orders are sent with ATL “Authority To Leave”. If you have not received your order yet, please follow the instructions below:

  • Check the tracking status of your order to see its current status. If you package is not yet marked as “delivered”, then you can contact the courier company and open a case. You can also get us involved by opening a dispute in the My Account area, and we will open a case as well.

In case the order is marked as “delivered” then:

  • Check with the other people in your household to see if they have received your order already.
  • Check with your next door neighbours to see if they received your package while you were away. It is very common for couriers to leave packages with your neighbours if they know you're not at home.
  • Contact the freight company to see if there was a issue with scanning.

If none of the above worked and the courier has proof that they delivered your package, then the package may have been stolen from your front door. In this case Aqua Gardening will not be liable for the loss of your items. You can claim the loss with your home insurance company. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a safe place for packages. Aqua Gardening will assist in all cases of delivery issues and lost packages, but if there is proof of delivery for the address you provided to us, then unfortunately we are unable to compensate you for the loss of your package.