How to be a Great Hydroponic Gardener?


It’s easy to be an okay hydroponic gardener, but what can you do to become a great one?
Here we’ll get to the reasons why people choose to become a hydroponic gardener, before providing tips on how you can set yourself up for success!

Why do you want to grow hydroponics?
People grow hydroponic produce for a variety of reasons, whether that be to live more healthily or sustainably, to show children where produce comes from, or even as a way to achieve a greater mental health and wellbeing. No matter your reason, growing hydroponics is a fun and fulfilling experience. It can also be easy to achieve your goals if you follow a few simple tips!

What do you need to grow hydroponics?
Before purchasing a hydroponic system, it’s important to consider your level of experience. If you’re new to hydroponics then consider our Autopot range, Wilma Recirculating or Automatic Wall Garden system. These systems are simple to use, and therefore simple to get the results needed to keep you motivated!

Which produce will provide sure-win results?
We recommend beginner hydroponic gardeners start their journey with either herbs like coriander or basil, or leafy vegetables like kale, bok choi, lettuces, or fruits like tomatoes or strawberries. These herbs, vegetables and fruits lend well to hydroponic growing and grow quickly!

What should you consider along the growing journey?
Make sure you continue to ask yourself, how can you achieve the most healthiest produce! Consider three key helpers; nutrients, additives and pest control. Your plants can be fed nutrients and additives across their journey, with specific supplements necessary at varying times of the growing phase, from the root stage, to early growing, to flowering and just before harvest.

If you are worried about pests, there are simple, preventative ways to protect your plants. We invite you to lean on our team for advice, or check out our articles or videos (like this one) about the pests you might encounter. We also have a range of world-leading inorganic or organic pest control products, should you need them.

Need help expanding your hydroponics knowledge, check out our extensive videos, guides and FAQs, and for all your hydroponics needs, including kits, visit our specially curated store.