PLEASE NOTE: This is a damaged item being sold at a discount. This NFT Channel has a piece broken off the bottom lip. Please see photo number 4 for a picture of the damage. This item is limited in stock.

NFT Channel, often referred to as hydroponic gully, is available in 3 metre lengths. They can be joined together and extended using NFT Channel Joiners. NFT End caps are also available with a spout or without a spout and can be attached to the end of the NFT Channel. Use a strong silicon sealer around the joiners and end caps - better than regular plumbing grade to ensure a good seal. When purchasing NFT Channel, please also consider if you will need the NFT Lid. The NFT Lid clips onto the NFT Channel. Holes can then be drilled into the NFT Lid to suit Net Pots which hold the grow media and the plants roots.


NFT Channel Size (Width x Depth):

  • 225 x 80mm

Recommended NFT Channel Sizes for Vegetables

The width of the NFT channel to use depends on the size of plants to be grown in the system.

  • 100mm wide suits lettuces through to herbs and strawberries.
  • 155mm wide suits plants up to the size of cherry tomatoes.
  • 225mm suits the largest vegetables such as tomatoes.


Looking For NFT Channel Longer Than 3 Metres?

Aqua Gardening can supply NFT Channel in lengths longer than 3 metres, however this usually only makes sense for large orders due to the high cost of transporting these lengths. We have successfully shipped NFT to New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia for our customers, and even overseas to Fiji.

(SKU: 130565)


SKU 130565
Brand NFT
Warranty Conditions Repair Warranty
Shipping Weight 16.20 kg
Type NFT

Repair Warranty - Manufacturer warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening and then sent to the supplier for testing and repair.

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