The 3 Gallon Planter Kit from The Bucket Company is a versatile 6 Pot hydroponic grow system. The kits can be joined together to create systems of any size.

These systems can be used with a wide range of grow media including clay pebbles, coco coir, vermiculite, perlite and soil. You can also choose to recirculate the nutrient solution or run to waste. They can also be assembled in different patterns - either in a grid or in a singe line. The planters can be setup to fit in any space depending on how the irrigation is plumbed together!

Why choose Medical White over the Standard Black version?

The benefit of the Medical White Planters is that they are made with FDA and EPA Approved Plastics. These type of plastics keep the planters disease free and the plants healthy by eliminating 99.95% of E-Coli, Mould and Algae. They have been clinically tested to ensure that E-Coli, Mould and Algae DO NOT form along the walls of the planters. This keeps harmful bacteria and pathogens away from the growing medium.

The 3 Gallon Planter Kit Includes:

6 X 3 Gallon Planters (Choose from Standard Black or Medical White)
6 X Reusable Screen Inserts
1 X PVC Hose:1/4” (25ft)
1 X PVC Hose: 3/4” (25ft)
24 X 1/2” PVC Insertable Legs 9” High
10 X Rubber Caps
10 X Valves
4 X 6 Way Connector 3/4” – 1/4”

Drainage Fittings:
5 x FPT Tub Tee 1/2” to 3/4” Barb
6 x Elbow MPT 3/8”- 1/2” MPT W/ 2 Silicone Washers & Nut


Dimensions: L 13.86” x W 13.86” x H 9.79”
Drain (ID /OD): 3/4”
Clip Sizes: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”
PVC Legs (Optional): 1/2”
Recommended Reservoir Per 6 Buckets: 20-26 Gallons / 77-100 Litres

Note: The photo of the 6 Pot System above is an example only, the actual kit comes with the items listed in the description. Reservoir and pump are sold separately.

(SKU: AG4042)


SKU AG4042
Brand The Bucket Company
Warranty Length 1 Year
Warranty Conditions Repair Warranty
Type Kits

Repair Warranty - Manufacturer warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening and then sent to the supplier for testing and repair.


Product Manual

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