Aqua Gardening - Grow Indoors With Style

Struggling to Keep the Kids Occupied?

It’s a great time to get the kids into the garden & try new things!

Learn about Aquaponics & Hydroponics with your kids.

Start home schooling with our easy to digest short videos!

Learn how to make this recycled hydroponic garden at home!

Child Planting Hydroponics

Recycled Hydroponic Garden

Edjucate To Grow

Turn it into a Science Lesson!

Compare the speed of growth between each growing method.

Grow a plant in a regular soil pot and in a hydroponics or aquaponics system at the same time.

Get the kids to monitor and record the results to see which method wins!

Starter Kits for Kids

These small kits are perfect for kids to start growing plants.

Want a Bigger Project?

Try these Hydroponics & Aquaponics kits to give your kids a hands on experience with different gardening styles.

Autopot Hydropak Starter Kit

Autopot Hydropak Starter Kit


Small Aquaponics System

Small Aquaponics System


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