Aquaponics Fish & Plant Care

Aqua Gardening is the leading expert for Aquaponics in Australia. It is our aim to provide quality equipment and up to date information to the community, so that anyone can grow fresh healthy produce and fish in their own backyard.

Through years of learning and trial and error, we have gathered a library of tips and tricks to help all the up and coming growers start and maintain an Aquaponics system. We have also started testing and developing our own products to help everyone get the most out of their system, with the least amount of effort. All of our products are tested thoroughly through our development process and are fine-tuned so you can keep your fish healthy and grow a bountiful harvest.

If you're unsure what supplements your system needs, please watch the video below to see if any of our easy to use, simple dosage products are right for your system. We are excited to announce we are in the final development stages of a new exciting all-in-one product for easy Aquaponic system dosing. Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting launch!