Base Media

Base mediums can be added to living soil to improve the aeration, drainage and root growth of a plant. Many container gardeners add a base media to potting soil for the many benefits. Base media doesn't harbour diseases and in general, they are pH neutral and they don't break down or leach anything into the soil. They provide excellent drainage to potted plants, and they don't compact down ensuring good aeration and less chance of root rot.

Aqua Gardening offers a wide range of base media for your container plants. Check out some of our more popular products, including Expanded Clay Balls, Perlite, Vermiculite, Coco Coir, Rice Husks, etc. Our coco coir media can be used to treat heavy clay soils that have a poor drainage system. You can also use our expanded clay balls to increase the percentage of macropores in your potting mix. Our base media are completely inorganic and have a neutral pH, so they will not affect your soil chemistry.