Wall Gardens & Planters

Wall gardens and planters are perfect for vertical gardening in places where there is a lack of sufficient space for outdoor gardening. Vertical gardening is a perfect solution to grow more plants in a limited space such as against a wall or fence. Wall gardens can completely transform a dull wall or fence and turn it into an attractive green space. Plants thrive in wall gardens, and living soil can be used as a grow media to propagate fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, flowers and air-purifying plants. Wall gardens have many benefits. They are low maintenance, self-watering and your plants are kept off the ground away from insects and pests. If you want to create your own vertical garden, a wall garden can be an excellent addition to your home or workplace.

Aqua Gardening has a wide range of products in stock for creating wall gardens. We have multi-hanger plant pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, hanging brackets, wall garden planter boxes, wall garden planter frames and more. The multi-hanger plant pots have an excellent drainage system, and the slots allow the water to move from the upper pots to the lower ones. Our wall garden products are all very easy to install with a few basic tools.

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