Hydroponic Systems - Water Heaters and Chillers

Water heaters and chillers are important in hydroponics and aquariums to maintain the temperature of the plants root zone, and keep a constant temperature for the fish in an aquariumn. The exact temperature depends on the variety of plants you are growing but aim to keep water for growing plants between 18-22°C. If the temperature is too cool (below 18°C) it will slow and stunt plant growth.

If the water constantly stays low, raise the temperature of your nutrient solution with a water heater. If the nutrient solution is too hot, (above 22°C) the amount of dissolved oxygen in the solution decreases and it also becomes a breading ground for bacteria - you can lower the temperature using a water chiller. The Teco Chillers and Hailea Chillers are suitable for Hydroponics, and can handle many water volumnes, from 150 litres to 2200 litres. Teco's have a premium price for a reason: their great performance and warranty. Hailea chillers are less expensive, however work well but you may like to match a Hailea Chiller capacity with your water tank by multiplying the litres of water you have by 30%. This is more important for Chilller matching as the difference in temperature required becomes higher.

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