Moisture, pH & EC Control

Grow media pH and electrical conductivity (EC) are the two most important soil measurements that you can test for in your living soil gardens. If you can maintain the soil pH and grow media EC at within the recomended limits, then most nutrient deficiencies can be avoided. Living soils are full of beneficial micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, algae, actinomycetes, nematodes, and so on. These soils are also rich in organic matter which, after being decomposed by the micro-organisms, releases hydrogen ions affecting the pH of the soil. As a result, a healthy soil can easily turn into an acidic growing medium without proper care and maintenance.

Check out our wide range of products to measure and control the moisture, pH, and EC conditions of your living soil. Our handy electronic meters will help you find out the pH, EC, and moisture levels in your soil very accurately. We also have smart controllers for remotely monitoring soil conditions. In addition this, we also offer buffering solutions of a known pH to calibrate your meters. If you feel that your growing medium has a lower pH (acidic in nature), take a look at our gypsum and lime products which will help to balance the pH.

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