Sensors & Timers

Sensors and timers can play an important role in switching LED pond lights on or off on a daily basis. After installing some new pond lights, fountain lights or submersible lights, you can use a timer to set a time when those lights should be turned on and turned off. Usually pond lights are not needed during the daytime, so rather than turning off the lights manually in the morning after waking up, you can program a timer to automatically switch them off for you.

We have a few pond sensors and timers suitable for use with LED pond lights. Check our most popular timers to lighten up your landscape from dusk till dawn. The Digital Timer with Photocell product has a an auto on at dusk / off at dawn or 4-6-8 hour timer option. The PondMAX Photocell Light Sensor with Timer is another simple and affordable product that we stock. It will turn on any connected lights once the device senses it is night time, and off again in the morning once the sun rises.