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Living soil plants rely on chemical elements for their growth and survival. These chemical elements can be classed into two categories; 1. Non-mineral nutrients which are found in the air and water, e.g. hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and 2. Mineral nutrients which are found in the soil. Mineral nutrients are referred to as either macro-nutrients or micro-nutrients. The most important macro-nutrients for plants include nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). These elements are often lacking from living soil, and plants need large amounts of them to grow, flower and fruit to their fullest potential.

If a plant lacks essential nutrients, it will result in a nutrient deficiency. Plants will often show signs and symptoms to express nutrient deficiency, such as stunted growth, yellowing of the leaves and the death of plant tissue. Nutrients, fertilisers and microbes can be added to living soil in order to overcome nutrient deficiencies, promote plant growth, improve the quality of crops and increase yields. Living soil plants need the right balance of mineral nutrients in order to grow to their full potential.

We have a large number of liquid and slow release fertilisers that will help you to fix deficiencies and replenish nutrient levels in your living soil. To accelerate plant growth and improve a plant's defence system, check out the nutrients in the Grow section. To boost flower production, see the nutrients in the Flower section. To increase the number of microbes and facilitate the production of beneficial enzymes in your living soil, check out the Microbes section.

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