Professor’s Flower Boost Organic Additive is a premium 100% Organic PK enhancer. It boosts early blooms which results in bigger yields. Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) are the two key elements which are vital for a plant to produce flowers and fruits during the flowering stage.

The use of a flowering stimulant can mean the difference between a very successful harvest and one that leaves you feeling disappointed. Feeding a plant nutrients alone during the flowering cycle is not enough. A PK enhancer such as Flower Boost Organic is highly recommended during a plants flowering cycle to boost the PK levels.

During the early flowering stage, plants use Phosphorus to form new roots and promote bud growth which helps to increase flower and fruit size and maximises the quality and harvest size of your crop. Potassium is easily absorbed by the roots and helps with the size, shape, colour and taste of the final produce. Professor’s Flower Boost Organic will provide your plants with the perfect PK ratio needed during the flowering stage. It will allow your plant to flower to its full potential and produce a higher yield.

Benefits of Using Professor's Flower Boost Organic Additive

  • Boosts early blooms and flower developement
  • Higher quality blooms
  • Maximises fruit quality, bud size and produces higher yields
  • Provides the perect PK ratio during a plants flowering stage
  • Helps as a brix builder
  • Premium and 100% Organic flowering enhancer


  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Suitable for a range of grow media's including: Rockwool, Perlite, Vermiculite, Expanded Clay pebbles, Coco Fibre and Soil


  • Hydroponic dosage: 2-4ml of Flower Boost Organic per 1L of Nutrient solution
  • Outdoor dosage: 2ml of Flower Boost Organic Additive per 1L of Nutrient solution


SKU AG4008
Brand Professors
Type Additives

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