Hydroponic Grow Lights - CMH

CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamps are basically a variation of MH (Metal Halide) lamps and can be used in indoor hydroponics. CMH lamps have a number of benefits over MH and HPS lamps including:

  • More balanced spectrum (more usable light for you plants)
  • Aid with UV supplementation
  • Higher CRI (the colours look more natural to the human eye)
  • Better PAR efficiency
  • Lower heat output per watt
  • Longer lasting (over 24,000hrs)

Although CMH generally cost more than other lamps, they are a better investment as you will save in power costs over the long run. We have a range of 315W CMH lamps and ballast available to choose from below including the following brands; Hi-Par, HortiVision, Lumatek, Philips.

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