Hydroponic Harvest Accessories

We sell trimming scissors, trim bags and micron trim trays for trimming and clipping your herbs by hand. For those looking to speed up production we stock a hand operated bowl trimmer. We also have electronic motorised trimmer and blower options available for the commercial grower. Need some harvest advice? The snippets are cheap, but almost single use and will tire your hands. The Mini Clippers are top quality Japanese steel, but not the most comfortable. The ARS are little more expensive, but you can happily use these for hours in a row - and over and over again if they are cleaned after use. The Trim Bag is a new technology which does about 70% of your work for you in a few minutes, just follow the instructions. Getting larger, the centurion trimmers are a well respected Canadian made system, just give us 7 business days to get you the correct wet or dry version into stock!

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