Plant Support

Plant supports are used for controlling the growing direction of trailing plants and also to maintain the shape of bushy plants. Without plant support, sometimes plants don't grow in the desired direction. Many people also use plant cages to make their ornamental plants look bushier. Plant supports are a great way to decorate your garden while also getting the plants growing in the direction needed.

Aqua Gardening stocks a few different types of plant supports that can be used either for trailing or bushy plants. You can try our fully adjustable Ultimate Plant Cage, which is made of high-quality materials. It will secure the branches and fruits, and all parts of your plants will receive light uniformly. You can use Quick Stix to train the branches. Branches can either pushed together or pulled apart to optimise the use of available light. Yoyo hangers slow spring action gradually and gently pulls upward on the bush without the need for constant manual adjustment.

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