Complete Mixes

Complete mix soils can help living soil gardeners in multiple ways. They reduce the need for inorganic fertilisers by supplying both macro and micro-nutrients to the soil. Mixed organic fertilisers contain almost all the essential nutrients and enzymes that are required for plant growth. Furthermore, applying mixed fertilisers saves a significant amount of time, which is spent on buying and applying individual fertilisers.

Aqua Gardening has several complete mix soil products in stock. These products are designed for growing living soil plants. Dr Greenthumbs Turbo Dirt is a water only soil which is 100% organic and ready to use, there is no need for lengthy composting. If you have a succulent garden, we suggest you check the Cactus and Succulent Mineral Mix, which contains a blend of organic soil and minerals. GreenSpace Premium Potting Soil is another complete soil mix made from premium natural ingredients and is perfect for container gardening of indoor plants, succulents, herbs & vegetables.

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