Propagate your own plants to protect your living soil garden from outside pests and diseases. We find the majority of pests enter our living soil gardens from seedlings from local nurseries - tiny fly and caterpillar eggs are hard to spot, but will all hatch within a few weeks to eat your rapidly growing plants. The answer is to grow your own! Rockwool, foam sponges and coco coir are ideal media for propagating cuttings and seeds. For beginners, get easy success with coco-based Eazy Plug propagation trays. For the experienced, use a root tonic with rockwool or sponges for faster and thicker roots. Protect against pests and increase your success with an indoor growing tent and a CFL light. Plants grow much faster under 18 hours of perfect blue-white growing light! Propagation kits roll it all into one package - check our online store products below.

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