Float Valves

Float valves are an essential feature for any reservoir. They are mainly used by pond owners to refill their ponds when the water level decreases. The device works based on the water level. There is a floating device that stays on the surface of the water, and the door of the valve opens or closes depending on the position of the floating device. When the water level rises, the device will move up and close the door of the valve. On the other hand, if the device starts falling with the water level, the valve's door will open and water will begin to refill the pond. Float valves make it easy for pond owners to refill the water in their ponds automatically.

We have a wide range of float valves in stock. You can check some of them out below. We have Fast Flow Float Valve, Pressure Reducer Mains to Smart Valve, Apex Space Saver Compact Float Valve, Compact Water Fill Valve Kit, etc. in stock. These products are quite easy to install. You can also control the pressure to speed up the refilling process.

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