Vertical Tower Gardens

Vertical tower gardens are often used with hydroponics, however, they can also be filled with living soil. With this grow method, plants are grown one after another either in a large cylindrical container or a tower garden kit that has multiple pots attached to the main body. Vertical tower gardens take up less horizontal space than conventional gardens, use less water and are great for growing frutis, vegetables and herbs on your patio or balcony. They are an attractive and useful addition to every garden.

See our range of products if you are planning on creating a vertical tower garden. The Mr. Stacky Smart Farm Base Kit is made of durable and stabilized polypropylene materials. It is also very easy to install. This system will save around 85% of water. If you use coco-peat as the growing medium in vertical tower garden kits, you don't even have to worry about the aeration because the plants' roots will get sufficient oxygen for conducting their respiration process.

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