Hydroponic Grow Lights - LED Lights - Free Shipping over $249

Choosing the right grow light is essential for a thriving indoor hydroponic garden. At Aqua Gardening we do not sell LED grow lights that do not work. We ensure they come from reputable manufacturers and ensure they are tested to ensure our customers get the best products and achieve success. Enjoy a superior lifespan and increased quality of yields, while also halving the power needed for HID lights. For fast delivery across Australia, shop our range of LED grow lights for hydroponics. Single Bar LEDs are very popular in the grow and bloom spectrums - "grow" for standalone indoor plant growing, and "bloom" as supplemental lighting for large growing areas. In the large LED sizes the brands we stock are Lumatek, Powerplant, Future Gardens and Pro Grow. These well known brands have LEDs with great warranties and great performance. Most LEDs are now dimmable and many have digital controllers that can be used between the different branded LEDs, such as the Telos Growcast.

For more info on setting up your LED grow lights, read our height chart guide here.