Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Dirt and sludge naturally settles at the bottom of ponds and water features will degrade the quality of the water if left for a prolonged period of time. To maintain a clean pond or water feature, the build up of dirt and sludge will need to be removed every now and then. Hiring a pond cleaner to professionally clean your pond can be a very expensive process and will add up over time. Pond vacuum cleaners make the job very easy and can help you to get the same results as a professional pond clean. These vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up the waste that accumulats at the bottom of a pond or water feature. Pond vacuum cleaners usually have a suction system that sucks water and waste materials. The water is discharged and the sludge materials get trapped inside the vacuum cleaner.

Pond vacuum cleaners are effective at removing algae, dirt, and organic material from your pond. Our pond vacuum cleaners are quite affordable and will save you money over time when compared with a pond cleaning service. We stock some of the best pond vacuum cleaners available on the market. The Oase Pondovac pond vacuum units are made in Germany and will last you for many years.

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