Indoor Solutions

Livings soil is a great method for growing indoors, and it produces great results. Living soil supplies essential nutrients to plants for a prolonged period of time. Watering is also much easier because the soil holds moisture. Therefore, the plants don't dry out as fast.

Aqua Gardening provides a wide range of solutions to grow living soil plants indoors. Grow tents allow you to control the environmental factors such as light, temperature, humidity and even CO2 levels, while also protecting plants from pests and disease. Grow lights allow you to choose the hours of daylight which helps to increase the photosynthesis process during the grow phase. You can also reduce the hours of daylight and change the spectrum of light in order to turn plants over to the flowering phase. Ventilation is necessary for air circulation, and it reduces excess heat build-up from grow lights. Check our stocks to get your desired products at a reasonable price. A properly set up indoor grow room will allow living soil plants to grow faster, become stronger and healthier, and produce bountiful crops.