So you've heard of hydroponics? Maybe you want to grow your plants fast or just ensure the food you eat is completely safe and tastes great? Aqua Gardening has an extensive range of complete hydroponic systems, indoor and outdoor grow lights, hydroponic nutrients and additives, grow tents, fans and more. From synthetic to organic, coco to perlite, we offer a collection of premium grow media and hydroponic equipment along with expert advice to ensure ideal results for your unique hydroponic system. Fast, discreet and free shipping of hydroponics equipment is available Australia-wide on many of our products. Want to know more? Check out our learning hub and the video below to help you make the right selection.

Hydroponics is a technique that uses water enriched with essential nutrients instead of soil for growing plants, read more here. Plants grow at an accelerated rate due to their access to optimal temperatures and consistent availability of nutrients (not just relying on whatever might be available in traditional soils). In no time at all, little sprouts become massive bushy plants with lush foliage!

Are you becoming bored of the same old plants and soil, and slow growth dictated by seasons and temperatures? You need to explore the world of hydroponics!

Hydroponics growers are amazed to witness the incredible plant growth firsthand - suddenly there are flowers blooming and vegetables ripening without any dirt or laborious weeding tasks required! A hydroponic garden will completely change your perspective on gardening forever.

We are the industry leader in service and support for hydroponic equipment, and we've been in business since 1995. We understand our customers and your success is our success - "lean" on us when something isn't right or you need to learn more about hydroponics and growing plants.

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