Automatic Fish Feeders

Feeding the fish or turtles in your pond may seem like an easy task at first, however, feeding them regularly at the right time can be difficult. If you forget to feed your fish, they may end up starving and eating each other. It is risky to leave your fish without proper care when you go away on holiday. If you have someone in your home who can feed your fish and turtles, there shouldn't be any problems, but what if there is no one?

Automatic fish feeders are your best friend during these times. Our automatic fish feeders will lend you a helping hand so you can enjoy your holiday. Our Exo Terra Auto Turtle/Fish Feeder [200ml] can be programmed to feed your fish or turtles 3-4 times per day. You can also set the pellet amount and feeding time based on the size of the fish and turtles. PondMAX Automatic Fish Feeder is another amazing product that has a 1L capacity.

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