The flowering stage, also known as the bloom stage, is the stage where a plant produces flowers and fruits. During the flowering stage, plants require less nitrogen (N), and higher amounts of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). Using a flower specific nutrient during flower stage is important, as it helps to provide the plant with everything it needs during this stage. Plants respond by producing more buds and flowers which results in greater yields.

We stock a wide number of phosphorus and potassium enriched nutrients which are perfect for the flowering and fruiting stages of plants grown in living soil. Liquid fertilisers will supply phosphorus and potassium to your plants instantly. You can choose from Canna Boost, Professors Organic Bloom Nutrient, Back Country Blend Boost, Bud and Bloom, and more. Slow release fertilisers will also supply the same nutrients to flowering plants, but over a prolonged period of time. These nutrients will enhance the flowering stage of a plant, resulting in larger crops and bigger fruit.

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