Bloom Advanced Floriculture. Made in Adelaide, they are a pioneer in natural science who have developed a range of organic and semi-organic products to produce the best results for your hydroponic system. One of them is the 100% organic Bloom Phat flower enhancer.

What is Bloom Phat?

Bloom Phat is a flower enhancer that promotes flower development through various natural minerals and plant extracts. This will increase the flower size, flower width and flower weight. Bloom Phat uses phosphorus and potassium natural minerals that are extracted from plants and ancient sea beds. Bloom Phat can be used in any grow method or media whether it is indoors or outdoors. Check the feed schedule to get the correct dosage. Generally Bloom Phat is used in the first 2-3 weeks of flower, and is followed by Bloom Ooze to continue flower and fruit development. Bloom Phat is available in a 300ml and 1L bottle.


Various natural plant extracts, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.

Application rates:

Recirculating: 1.25mls per litre Soil: 1.25mls per litre Run to waste: 2.5mls per litre Organic: 1.25-2.5mls per litre

Bloom Phat will make this much nutrient:

300ml = 240L, 1L = 800 300ml = 240L, 1L = 800 300ml = 120L, 1L = 400 300ml = 240L, 1L = 800

Bloom Phat Feed schedules

Can be found on the Advanced Floriculture website here.


SKU AG1334
Brand Bloom
Type Additives

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