Waterfall & Stream DIY

Making a water feature with a natural waterfall and stream is really enjoyable DIY project. It is quite easy to make a waterfall and stream using natural stones and gravel, however, there are a few items you will need to make it work more effectively. For example, pond liner and waterfall foam helps to stop water seeping through the cracks between the rocks and gravel, which helps to minimise water loss. A water storage vault is handy to store excess water to prevent the pump from running dry, while also reducing the amount of gravel and stone needed. A hose connected to a pump is also used to recirculate the water from the bottom of the stream back to the top of the waterfall.

Aqua Gardening has all the necessary products that are needed to create a DIY waterfall and stream with a natural look. You can use our Waterfall Foam to seal the cracks between the rocks and prevent the water from entering those cracks. Our Flexible Ribbed Anti Kink Hose can be used to maintain a constant cycle of water. You can also check out our Aquabasin water storage vaults, which come with a lifetime warranty. Pondless waterfall kits come complete with everything needed to create a DIY waterfall and stream. Beautify your garden today with our range of products and kits for creating DIY waterfalls and streams.

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