Fish Health

Fish health starts deteriorating when the water chemistry changes abruptly, and the concentration of toxic components, like ammonia, nitrate, chloride, sulfate, etc. increases. In addition, the presence of different viruses, bacteria, or fungi can also damage fish health by causing severe diseases. The most shocking fact is that if one fish is ever infected by a pathogen, the others will be at high risk.

We have several products to keep your pond fish healthy and even treat them if they show signs of disease. Our Ammonia SOS Treatment Kit, Ammonia SOS Recharge Pack, and API Melafix Anti Bacterial Medication for Fish will absorb the ammonia gas from the water and reduce its concentration. If the fish become ill and infected by pathogens, you can try our API Melafix Anti Bacterial Medication, PondMAX Fungus & Bacteria Blitz, and Fish First Aid Kit because these products contain beneficial enzymes and bacteria that will heal any open wounds.