Low Voltage Pumps

Low Voltage Pumps include a transformer to lower the voltage from 240V mains power to a safe 12V or 24V. The low voltage cable can then be run along your garden to quickly, easily and safely connect a pond pump to power - saving the need for a deep trench and an electrician to install a new power point.

Reefe and Pondmax pump models can be extended by up a further 10m from the power source by adding a low voltage extension lead. Each pump comes with a 10m lead to start with, except the smallest Reefe 550LV (5 metres).

Pump sizes Range from the water feature sized Reefe LV pumps with 550LPH flow, to the PondPro filter-suitable pump with a flow up to 10,000LPH. There is a mix of pumps which are powered by AC low voltage (Reefe and PondPro in general) and DC low voltage (PondMax), please check the descriptions.

Calculate the flow rate your pond pump needs with the Pond Pump Calculator.