Composts and Worm Castings

Composts are generally the decomposed form of organic materials, and worm castings are called the earthworms' manure, earthworms' poop, or vermicasts. Composts and worm castings are full of beneficial micro-organisms that break down organic compounds and release essential nutrients for plant growth. These materials also increase microbial activities and improve the overall health of a soil body.

We sell several types of composts and worm castings. These products are a must have ingredient for any living soil mix. Choose from No Till Compost Mix, Worm Castings or Garden Compost Mix. The Fish and Urchin compost is rich in phosphorus. The TurboCharge compost is known as Black Gold due to that fact that is has a black colour and is full of valuable nutrients. You can use composts & worm castings for preparing new potting mix or for top dressing existing plants.

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