Water Test Kits

Pond water pH plays a key role in controlling the water chemistry and different chemical compounds. The growth of aquatic life is inhibited when there is a sudden and abrupt change in the pond water pH. A higher concentration of nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and chloride can be deadly to the fish since a higher concentration of these compounds can damage the gills and other basic physiological and metabolic functions of them.

We have a large number of pond water test kits, which will allow you to test pond water and troubleshoot any problems that may be occuring. Our pH test kit can help you observe the changes in pH. If the water becomes acidic, the concentration of ammonium will increase. Our API Quick Testing Strips - 5 in 1 - GH, KH, PH, NO2, NO3 - 25 Strips product can be used to identify water hardness, pH, and the concentration of nitrite and nitrate. We also have a Cyco pH Test Kit - pH Up, pH Down & pH Test Solution, and you can use this product to adjust pond water pH.

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