The growth stage, also know as the vegetative stage, is one of the most important stages in a plant's life. For a high quality yield, a plant needs to thrive during the grow stage. Applying a grow nutrient to living soil is essential to ensure healthy root and foliage development during the grow stage, and to set the plant up for the flowering stage. Grow nutrients usually contain a high amount of the element called nitrogen (N). Nitrogen helps plants to grow new leaves. New leaves enhance plant productivity by increasing photosynthesis.

We stock both organic and inorganic grow nutrients which can be used for growing plants in living soil. Our liquid fertilisers will help to supply nutrients to growing plants and prevent nutrient deficiencies. Canna Terra Vega is specifically designed for growing plants in pots and potting mixes. Growth Technology Foliage Focus is suitable for use in all types of grow media. To stimulate root growth, you can use BAC Root Simulator or Bloom Roots products. These products are completely organic and will encourage microbial activity in your soil system.

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