Growth Technology Foliage Focus: Exceptional Plant Growth Support

Enhance the health of your indoor and outdoor plants with Growth Technology Foliage Focus, available in 250ml, 1L, 5L, and 20L bottles. This concentrated liquid solution promotes faster growth, brighter flowers, and increased resistance to disease. Add Foliage Focus to water and apply it to your plants' leaves using a spray bottle for optimum results.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete nutrient solution: Foliage Focus provides 12 essential minerals for plant growth, all mixed into a single bottle using precision technology.
  • For all foliage plants: Ideal for both rare and common species of foliage plants, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need to thrive.
  • Improved growth and development: Enjoy faster growth, increased root strength, and vibrant blooms with regular use.
  • Disease resistance: Healthier plants are naturally more resistant to diseases and pests.
  • Environmental stress tolerance: Strengthen your plants to withstand environmental stress factors, such as fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.

How to Use

  1. For soil or potting mix, dilute 3-5ml of Foliage Focus per litre of water when watering.
  2. Apply the solution during each watering session for the best results.
  3. Flush the soil with plain water once a month to remove traces of mineral salt buildup.
  4. Adjust nutrient strength or dilution rate according to the plant's maturity.
  5. For hydroponics, use 5-7ml of Foliage Focus per litre of water.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Growth Technology Foliage Focus is perfect for indoor and outdoor gardeners looking to support and enhance the growth, flowering, and overall health of their foliage plants. Suitable for all types of plants, this solution offers an all-in-one nutrient experience that simplifies plant care and ensures plants receive everything they need to thrive.

Notes from Aqua Gardening

  • The product contains the highest-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements to ensure easy absorption by plants.
  • Foliage Focus is guaranteed not to contain harmful or ineffective additives, such as chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.
  • It is pH buffered to ensure all 12 essential minerals are available to your plants.


What are the benefits of using Growth Technology Foliage Focus in indoor gardening?

Growth Technology Foliage Focus offers numerous benefits for indoor gardening, including a formula containing all essential minerals mixed into a single bottle, suitability for both rare and common species of foliage plants, and faster growth and development. It also leads to increased root strength, profuse vegetative growth, bigger and brighter flowers, greater resistance to disease, and increased tolerance to environmental stress.

How do I use Foliage Focus in soil or potting mix?

To use Foliage Focus in soil or potting mix, add 3-5ml per litre of water when watering your plants. For optimum results, use in each watering and flush the soil with plain water monthly to remove any traces of mineral salt build-up. As the plant matures, you can increase the nutrient strength or dilution rate.

Is Foliage Focus suitable for hydroponic systems?

Yes, Foliage Focus can be used in hydroponic systems. Use 5-7ml per litre of water when preparing your nutrient solution.

What makes GT Foliage Focus stand out from other plant nutrient solutions?

GT Foliage Focus is pH buffered to ensure all 12 essential minerals are plant-available. It's formulated and balanced specifically for your plants, and manufactured using only the highest-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements to ensure easy absorption. It's also guaranteed to be free from potentially harmful and ineffective chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.

How concentrated is Foliage Focus, and how much solution does it make?

Foliage Focus is highly concentrated, with 1L of the product making up to 200L of nutrient solution for your plants.

Are there any additional products that can complement the use of Foliage Focus?

Yes, Aqua Gardening offers reasonably priced spray bottles and leaf cleaning gloves for foliage application, which can complement the use of Foliage Focus for your indoor plants.

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