Pond Filters

Pond filtration is the key to keeping a healthy pond environment with crystal clear water. If you have a large amount of fish in your pond, a pond filter becomes necessary to break down solid waste and provide aquatic plants with essential nutrients. Aqua Gardening stocks a range of quality pond filters, water treatment agents and pond bacteria suitable for use in ponds, water features and ponds with fish.

Common Pond Components for Small Ponds

Often a small pond requires a pond pump with sponge filter to breathe life into it. We have a variety of options from PondMAX, Aquascape and Reefe brands. For larger ponds, often a high flow pump and a pressure filter is required. Pond treatments and pond nets are also highly sought after and are available for tackling algae and ongoing maintenance. If you are building your own pond, we have the expertise and products to assist you too, from plumbing components to pond liner!

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