Sludge Pond Treatments

Pond sludge is another name for the debris and waste products in pond water. Pond sludge can consist of dead leaves, organic wastes, sediments, dead algae, uneaten fish food, fish waster, etc. Primarily these wastes are not harmful to the pond ecosystem as they are quite normal, however, excessive amounts can degrade the water quality as well as the environment. Pond sludge is responsible for decreasing the levels of dissolved oxygen because the decomposition process of the sludge materials requires oxygen. When the oxygen level decreases and becomes zero, an anaerobic condition prevails in which hydrogen sulfide is produced. This chemical compound is harmful to the pond environment and aquatic life.

Pond sludge treatment is necessary to control the levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. We have a range of products for treating pond sludge. These products contain heterotrophic bacteria which will naturally digest organic waste and help to reduce pond sludge. Check out our Lake Sludge Remover and Lake Treatment Booster Packs, which can be used to minimise pond sludge. Our Pondzyme and Algae Control products are also effective at reducing pond sludge.