LED Submersible Lights

LED submersible lights are completely sealed and can be installed underwater. These lights operate using low voltage and are completely safe to use in ponds and water gardens. Installing a LED submersible light will completely change the appearance of your pond once the sun sets. If you have a pond in your garden, we recommend you to give them a try.

Aqua Gardening has several different LED submersible light options. These lights are energy efficient and very easy to install. You can check our product list to find your desired light to enhance your landscape. Some of the most effective products are - Aquascapes LED Waterfall light Up, LED Colour-Changing Waterfall, Submersible LED Garden and Pond Spotlight, and Pond LED Light Kit with Photocell. These products have a compact design, which makes them perfect for use in all types of ponds no matter what the depth. Choose a spotlight with either plain white or multi coloured LED's depending on your desired effect.