Hydroponic Grow Room Ventilation

Proper grow room ventilation is just as important as your grow lights in hydroponics. If you can't survive in the hot grow space environment, then neither can your plants! A ventilation system keeps fresh air moving through your indoor grow room and provides the perfect environment for plant growth. We sell a huge range of grow tent fans, fan controllers, ducting & silencers, filters, grow tent CO2 and ventilation equipment suitable for hydroponics. We are well-stocked and ready to send orders straight away. We can source any intake or exhaust fan available in Australia within a few days. We also have the latest CO2 techniques and equipment, and only sell products that actually work.

Watch the video below to find the fan that is best suited to your needs. You can also use our online grow room fan calculator to find out the recommended fan size based on the dimensions of your grow room.

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