Water Fountains

Water fountains add an interesting and very relaxing touch to any pond. Installing a water fountain in your pond will bring multiple benefits. Water fountains improve water quality by increasing oxygen levels through the circulation process. Stagnant water bodies are often a great choice for mosquitoes to breed, however, with a water fountain they won't have a chance since the water will be constantly moving. Water fountains can also help to remove bad odours from pond water and prevent algal blooms.

Aqua Gardening has several water fountains to offer. You can look at our Fountain Kits, such as Spillway Bowl and Basin Fountain Kit, Ultra Pump Fountain Kit, Urn Landscape Fountain Kit, and even Submersible Pond Pump with Fountain. For an off grid or stand alone solution, try the Reefe Solar Fountain KIt. These products are energy efficient and very easy to install. Water fountains will increase the oxygen level in your pond through better movement.