Waterfall Accessories

A waterfall can significantly enhance the overall beauty of your pond or water feature. Building an artificial waterfall or stream can be an enjoyable project. You can either do it yourself or hire professionals. If you choose to build a waterfall by yourself, there are a few waterfall accessories that will help you with your project.

Aqua Gardening offers all the accessories that are necessary to create a waterfall yourself. Adding Waterfall Foam amongst the rocks will seal the cracks and result in a stronger flow of water. For smaller waterfall we have easy to use Waterfall Foam in a spray can. For larger waterfall projects, a Waterfall Foam Gun is a great investment. All our Waterfall Foams are fish safe and can be used when adding a waterfall to a fish pond. Our Fire Fountain Kits can be used to add the element of fire to your waterfall or fountain.