Aqua Gardening offers a range of complete aquaponic systems and accessories to make aquaponic growing easy and successful. We feature a variety of suitable pumps and filters for aquaponics, and irrigation accessories to save you time and ensure success with your system. Additional aquaponics test equipment, fertilisers and fish safe organic pest control products are available here online.

Aquaponics is an innovative method of farming that combines aquaculture (raising fish) with hydroponics (growing plants without soil). Usually an Aquaponic System consists of a large tank filled with water and fish, surrounded by plants growing in grow beds, which grow in clay balls instead of soil. A water pump circulates water from the tank throughout the entire system, providing nutrients for both the fish and plants, while also keeping everything clean and healthy. Rather than fertilisers or pesticides being required as they are for regular growing or farming, fish food and some mineral additives are added to the system to keep the fish and plants healthy.

To everyone's surprise, plants grown in Aquaponics grow very quickly! Tomatoes ripen faster lettuce tastes more flavourful than anything bought from the store – even flowers bloom brighter than ever.

Choosing an Aquaponics Kit is easy with Aqua Gardening. By using the filters on our Aquaponics Kits & Systems page, you can quickly narrow down the kits suitable for you and your family. Once you have narrowed down an appropriately sized kit, the components can be further tailored to your needs on the product page.

Interested in creating an Aquaponics System yourself? If our kits are not what you’re looking for, we have all the equipment you need to create a Do-It-Yourself system. To get personalised help with your Aquaponic System, book a free consult today!

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