Hydroponic Pots and Trays - Net Pots

We have sourced Net Pots from a variety of sources to bring a standard range which suits the majority of growers. The net pots are suitable for NFT channels, DWC growing and can be used on PVC pipe systems too. Most recirculating hydroponic growing systems only need a 50mm wide net pot, but the exact pot size that you need depends on what you are growing in your hydroponic garden. Some hydroponic systems require larger net pots. Most plants don’t need a net pot larger than 75-100mm (3-4”), but some large flowering vegetables require one as large as 150mm.

The "All Rounder" net pot and larger are the sturdiest net baskets and they are able to be reused, depending on the plant grown inside. The net pots smaller than the 80mm All Rounder such as the strawberry net pot and the herb net pot, can get deformed when plants larger than leafy greens and herbs are grown inside them.

A net pot is a vital part of any hydroponic gardening system. It is important for you to consider the net pot that is right for the specific hydroponic plant that you are growing, and it is equally important to consider the growing media (perlite, vermiculite mix or clay pebbles) that you plan to use for the plants.


Factors to Consider When Choosing and Using Hydroponic Pots

  • Space –  When you have a height restriction, you will need to use shorter pots, and this equates to shorter plants.
  • Temperature – This variable catches many growers out when they are first starting. If you are growing indoors and using HID grow lights, or your plants are in an area of direct sunlight, you could find your pots drying out too quickly. Larger pots can remain too moist, however this comes stunted growth (suffocation) and potential rotting of the roots.
  • Plants – Your plants will be one of the most distinct areas that dictate pot size. If you are planting seedlings or cuttings, then pot size will be much smaller than when they are healthy growing plants.