Pond Netting & Bird Protection

Netting and Bird Protection are necessary for pond owners for many reasons. Some birds, like Heron, Seagulls, and a few migratory bird species feed on fish, and hence, your pond fish may be at risk. Even if you don't have fish in your pond, netting is necessary to prevent insects, dead leaves, organic waste materials, etc. from entering the water. Pond nets are a pond owners best friends, as they keep the pond water clean from fallen leaves, debris and prevent fish from going missing.

We have many pond netting products in stock. These products will keep your fish safe from predators and your pond water free from debris. Some of our products for pond netting include; PondMAX Cover Net, Insect Exclusion Net and Protective Pond Cover. Pond netting is available in a range of pre-cut sizes. A dark coloured pond net will blend into the surroundings and keep the pond looking attractive. Over time, aquatic plants will grow and provide places for fish to hide. In the meantime, it is recommended to use a physical barrier such as a pond net to protect your fish.

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