Grow Liquid

Liquid fertilisers contain nutrients in a soluble or readily available form for growing plants. This means that after you apply liquid fertilisers to your plants, they can quickly uptake the nutrients through their roots or leaves. When granular or solid fertilisers are applied, they undergo various chemical changes to release the nutrients, but in liquid fertilisers, none of those chemical reactions are required to release the minerals. Your plants will look fresher, healthier, and greener after applying liquid fertilisers.

Our high-quality and concentrated liquid fertilisers can be used with living soil gardens during the growth phase. You can try Growth Technology Foliage Focus, Canna Terra Vega and Flores, Monsta Grow Juice, Super Grow Guano, etc. These products will boost plant growth, assist with flowering process and fix deficiencies. Bloom Roots and BAC Roots are two of our products that stimulate root growth. They contain humic acids, fulvic acids, and vitamins in liquid forms. Make sure you dilute these fertilisers (the dilution rate is different for each product) before applying.

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