DIY Pond Calculators

Pond Volume Calculator

How many litres are in my pond?

To calculate your pond volume, enter the dimensions in the boxes. Press 'Calculate', and the volume of the pond will appear in Litres below.

Why should I calculate my pond volume?

The volume is a guide to the pump and filter size you require for a healthy pond. It will also help you with the amounts to dose when using maintenance products.

Rectangular Pond

Pond volume: {{amount}}

Circular Pond

Pond volume: {{amount}}

Pond Pump Flow Rate Calculator

What flow rate do I need for my Pond Pump?

PondMax EVO2 Pond Pump

Enter the type of pond, the size of the fountain (if any), the number of litres of water in your pond and press calculate. The required pump flow rate for your pond will be shown.

To prevent algae and mosquitoes, consider an easy to maintain pond pump and filter combo. For a budget option with higher maintenance, you can combine a pond pump with a pump pre-filter and algae treatments.

Based on the information provided, your required pump flow rate is:

{{amount}} per hour (L/hr)

Pond Waterfall Flow Rate Calculator

What flow rate do I need for my pond waterfall?

Please enter the width of your waterfall into this field, and then click on calculate. The pump flow rate will be displayed below.

For a projecting waterfall, you need a pump flow of {{PWAmount}} L/hr (LpH) This flow will ensure the water will leave the wall and project out into the pond.

For a sheer descent waterfall, with no projecting sheet of water, a pump flow of {{DWAmount}} L/hr (LpH) is required

For higher flow rates, the water will project further into the pond or pool.
Check the pump performance chart to determine which pump will provide adequate flow at the height of the waterfall. Add 30% to the head height to account for sharp bends in the waterfall pipe and losses inside the tubes. Internal diameter 38-40mm pipe is recommended.

Pond Liner Calculator

What size pond liner should I buy?

Pond Liner

Enter the dimensions that represent the longest, widest and deepest dimensions of your pond. This is to ensure that the pond liner covers the required area including some for overlap for the edges of the pond.

Please see our complete range of Pond Liners, including PVC Pond Liners, EPDM Pond Liners and Underlays.

Based on the information provided, you will require a pond liner size of:


Pond Sealer Calculator

How much pond sealer do I need?

Pondshield Pro Pond Sealer

Pond sealer comes in a Single Part (Pondshield Starter) and a Two Part (Pondshield Pro). Pond sealer can be used to seal concrete ponds, to coat flagstones, waterfalls and other concrete structures.

To achieve a strong seal, 2 coats of Pondshield Pro will be required for a total of {{proAmount}} L

Pondshield Pro comes in two parts, A & B, so add the volume of both parts to determine the total for the product (ie, 2 x 2L = 4L Pond Sealer)

For a budget option, 2 coats of Pondshield starter are required for a total of {{starterAmount}} L