Algae Pond Treatments

Algal blooms are a common phenomenon in ponds and water bodies, and it happens due to over fertilisation. Although algae are important to maintain the food chain in a freshwater system, an excessive presence of algae can degrade the water quality by depleting the oxygen level for respiration. As a result, fish and other aquatic lives can be in danger. Therefore, proper treatments should be applied to prevent algal blooms.

Aqua Gardening has a wide range of products to prevent and even fix algal blooms in ponds. We suggest you check out the available products below including; API Pond Algaefix, Clear for Ponds, Electronic Water Purifier, etc. These products can be used to prevent algal growth and fix algal blooms without harming other aquatic lives.

Remember that proper aeration is also required when treating pond water for algae. Aeration speeds up the decomposition of the algae die off, resulting in fewer harmful by-products. Aeration also provides oxygen for fish and other aquatic life in the pond. Please see our range of air pumps to aerate your pond water while treating an algal bloom.

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